Monday, April 30, 2007

Blogs Themselves

My eXtension buddies claim blogging as something one should do because "everyone has something to say." To take that one step farther, I'll suggest that it allows a person some therapy from the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." It does so by allowing one to vent about things in their circle of concern, while spending our productive time within our circle of influence. With a little luck, someone will read your posts who *does* have influence over things with which you are concerned.

Blogging is more about the writer than the reader. Much of the notion is exactly like a diary. No need to be defensive -- indeed the opportunity for learning does exist.

Plugging back in to the Social Network

As a result of plugging back in...I've already touched base with a bunch of dear old friends, learned some IT stuff, and scored 2 free 1937 flathead engines. Now back to work...

Human Defensiveness

Why are we so defensive? It's more than fear, miscommunication, or intimidation, but those all seem to contribute. The trick is to not let your defensiveness prevent you from listening to the other point of view.

I'm here partly because I was defensive about my "social network." I was complaining about mine and was told, "you need a new network." While that was true, the reality is that my social network of years past had become so successful that it was interfering with work, family, and other fun. At that point I cut the best part of it off completely for several years. Like most everything else in life, the key is taking all things in moderation.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

First Post

See...the irony of my (lost) first post is that it said..."apparently blogging started in 1995. After 8 years I guess it is about time for me to try it." In case you're sleepy, or your math is horrible, that was 2003! Here we are 4 years later and I realize that "Network Redneck" is the most apropos of my blogs to take public. I've been posting primarily on a daily work blog, which I contend should not be public for security reasons. On the other hand, my colleagues are into social networking at the moment. Being as I find people, personalities, and the human condition in general to be fascinating...I just had to join in.


Well I'm back. It's been a 4 year hiatus from this address, and the archives are gone. Boo hiss.