Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Random snippets from the day (2 from AA's twittering)

Interesting movie about learning in the future..."Shift Happens"

'Nuther social networking site --

How many social relationships can a person maintain?
Dunbar's Number

Source code search tool

MDM -- Master Data Management -- new buzzword. Rich Kochhar's advice "Don't start with the technology as the centerpiece of the solution. Start with the corporate strategy."

Funny...back to that question..."What is the strategic goal of the University?"


John Dorner said...

Thanks for the link to Dunbar's number. Interestingly enough, I would guess that there are about 150 staff in each of the NCCE districts.

Greg said...

That's a lot of networking. I suppose that guarantees the need for good tools. Glad you enjoyed that read too.