Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adult Education

In spite of (or because of?) my employment at a University, I have developed a rather dim view of Academia over the years. When the University announced that it would offer a Master's Program in Adult Education it was very hard for me to seriously consider it. The encouragement of one Adult Education professor and a program specifically designed for Extension employees have made the offer too good to pass up. As encouraging as anything is the realization that plenty of people in Academia share my dim view of the system. Adult Education researcher Allen Tough noted that as little as 10% of what an adult learns comes from any type of formal instruction. This doesn't say much positive about adults in Academia, but sheds a whole new light on the possibilities for Extension.

As long as I stick with this program, I'll most likely use this space as a place to post notes, quotes, and maybe even a challenge question for the reader. As always, the primary purpose is for me, but I suspect others will find some points of interest too. If nothing else you can amuse yourself with my constantly changing attitude.

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