Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Die, Facebook and Flickr!

Die, Facebook.
XXXXXX sent a message to the members of Cooperative Extension Second Life.

To read this message, follow the link below:

Facebook, if you wanted me to get the message, you could've sent it to me. If you don't care about me, I don't care about you.

Flickr, you're dying without my help.
It was a perfectly valid suggestion to help them make money and increase usability. Over a month later...
Hello Greg:

Thanks for writing Flickr Customer Care, and many, many
apologies for the massive delay in our response.

I'm sorry, but currently there is no feature to allow for
ordering of prints from the site.


On 14th August 2007, gparmer wrote:
> When using the mobile website (or the full version,
> actually) from a mobile device (tried Motorola Q and Treo
> 700wx) I was unable to "ORDER PRINTS." That seems like
> be a decent money-maker for you, and a nice convenience
> users. Thanks for a nice job with flickr. -greg

And thus the honeymoon for Flickr ends too. You could've teased me just a little and I'd have forgiven the tardiness. At least I've learned to get the pre-nup with Web2.0 relationships.


Unknown said...

Try taking your request to SmugMug - they have seemed much more open to these kinds of things - at least from the indications on the CEO's blog.

SmugMug is focused on photos and printing - not groups of people sharing photos.

(since I don't print, I haven't moved, but was considering it during the Microsoft buying Yahoo! rumor days)

Greg said...

I like that idea, but I print very little too. Printing would've been nice while sharing pics with friends over lunch...we were going to run by Walgreens for pickup afterward. The option exists if you eat lunch at an Internet Cafe, I s'pose.

The $39.95 annual fee for smugmug would make my one print/year too expensive in this case.

As long as we're sharing sites here-- is a slick value-add site which makes stickers, notecards, etc out of your flickr (and other) photos.

Happy Snapping!