Monday, October 29, 2007

Microsoft Embracing the New 'Net

I try to save blog posts for after hours, but these links are worthy of notice. The parent Sharepoint blog is certainly worth a subscription for those of us considering its usage.

Microsoft and Facebook expand partnership

Microsoft Sharepoint Usage for Social Networking and "Communities of Practice"

Say whatever you'd like about Microsoft, but they will not remain a sleeping giant for long. The development teams are far from asleep. Apple appears content on grabbing short term revenue here and there. Sun hangs their hat on what is left of Java. Microsoft is very in touch with Web2.0. I love the way Photo Gallery now lets you upload directly to Flickr.


Kevin Gamble said...

I don't think their competition is Apple and Sun.

Reading the Sharepoint social networking whitepaper was nothing short of painful. It reminded me of some other documents I've had to read of late.

Greg said...

Historically, the battle for the desktop has been Mac vs MS. We now get to add Linux to the mix, but still looks the same to me. MS is moving in on the SMB market pretty well too.

IT guys aren't supposed to like documentation. A smart fella once suggested to me, "be the ball." :)

Kevin Gamble said...

Hehe. I liked that.

I'm thinking the competition is Google, and that the desktop doesn't matter so much anymore.