Saturday, December 15, 2007


If if were rich and famous (or even poor and influential), I'd start my own term called "e-networking" to replace all the social crap being spewed about. Why do we need social networking, social bookmarking, social annotating, or social anything else? Doesn't the term "social" imply that it is not for business?

If it were up to me, I'd drop the social and make it electronic networking. It's really all about people building networks of relationships and using those relationships to share information. In other words, it is the electronic version of the same networking we've always done.

My kids' peers think it's funny to make up words. My peers (my e-network) will probably just laugh at me. :)


John Dorner said...

I like it!!!

That said, it made me think... I wonder if the line between social life and work life will be as defined for the next generation as it is for the previous generation.

Greg said...

Thanks for the feedback!

That line is getting more and more blurry. I think it results in 2 things:
1) current/next generation seems to be better at saying..."I'll have to call you back. Bye." and
2) the need to "unplug" for a week or two as a vacation. All the same rules apply as they did pre-electronics, but the definition of "going on vacation" doesn't necessarily require a physical resort visit. This is a steeper price than the resort for many of us.

I'm enjoying the "Zen Habits" blog as I work on the latter. Good stuff.