Sunday, December 2, 2007

Will Facebook Adapt Faster Than AOL Did?

As we were doing our In-Service training last week I was reminded that we ('net users that is) are quickly moving toward an online experience that allows us to choose what news comes to us, esp via RSS technologies. We no longer take the time to visit our favorite websites to check for updates. How ironic was it that the next topic of training was about the popularity of Facebook as a social networking site. Facebook requires you to visit the site to find out your news. It tells me that some big changes are coming. Either Facebook will figure out how to adopt to a different business model, and will drop the walls around their garden, or they'll become the next AOL.


Kevin Gamble said...

The thing that is different about Facebook is all that stuff we like feeds oneway into just fine. Where it is evil is that what goes in never comes out.

We can only hope that gets fixed. I watch friends using Me.dium (which is actually pretty boring), and they go into Facebook and never come out. Everything comes to them.

Greg said...

I think you just described the pre-ISP version of AOL too!

Greg said...

Facebook indeed figured it out. The walled garden is gone, and links into and out of Facebook are the norm. I got one right!